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Babboe Curve Mountain 2020

Krankmotor 500Wh

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The Babboe Curve Mountain offers the ultimate cycling pleasure! This electric tricycle cargo bike is driven by a Yamaha mid-drive motor with a force sensor and uses NuVinci stepless shifting. The combination provides a super smooth cycling experience, the Babboe Curve Mountain will never let you down! It allows you to easily cover greater distances, cycle very smoothly and neither a hill nor a bridge will pose a problem on your way.
The Babboe Curve Mountain comes with a stylish grey box (at no additional charge), but if you prefer a wooden box, that is possible too. Further to the colour of the box, the cargo bike has been provided with many features such as battery-powered lighting that can be controlled from the handlebars.



  • Cargo Bike model: Three Wheels
  • Gears: NuVinci
  • Number of children: standard for 2-4 toddlers
  • Dimensions: Cargo Bike: length 215 cm - width 88.4 cm - height 110 cm
  • Box: length +/- 82 cm - width 63 cm - height 44>55 cm
  • Tyre size: Schwalbe Big Apple 20"x2,15 front og 26"x2,15 bak
  • Load capacity: Up to 100 kg
  • Brakes: Front: Shimano roller brake front Rear: Magura hydraulic brake
  • Brake levers including parking brake.
  • Lock: Abus ring lock
  • Spokes / Rims: Extra sturdy spokes
  • Lights: LED lights front (two headlights) and one rear light
  • Frame: Size: 50
  • Extra sturdy frame provided with shockproof powder coating, the inside is provided with an extra coat
  • Colour of the Box: Wood Colour
  • Material of the Box: European beech wood, pressed into curved shape for extra sturdiness and round corners for safety (no sharp edges).
  • The container is made from PEFC hallmark wood (European hallmark for wood).
  • Pedal assistance: Yes
  • Motor: Yamaha 250W, 70Nm
  • Range: 40-60 km
  • Charge the battery: Charge from completely empty to full in 3,5 hours
  • NV58999
  • Står utstilt i Spinn Haugesund


Other specifications:

  • Fitted with anti-tip system
  • Two benches for 4 children
  • 4 three-point seat belts
  • Saddle load of 100kg
  • Steering dampers
  • Handlebar in height adjustable
  • Multiple step ups for children


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