Ceramic Speed OS Pulley System Coated

Shimano, 10/11-delt, Sort

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Shimano OSPW System Black Coated


You have chosen the NEW OSPW System with CeramicSpeed coated bearings inside. This product gives you an extended durability and longevity of the product. The new system is developed for performance optimisation and the watt savings start at 2.4 watt. The system consists of 17-tooth pulley wheels and a cage made from carbon fibre and reinforced PA.


This NEW revolutionary OSPW System is mounted with CeramicSpeed coated bearings, which means it has undergone a special coating treatment to give an even greater protection and lower friction. A very thin (2 microns) protective coating is applied to the bearing races, which further increases the resistance of the bearings to corrosion or damage from foreign objects.


The product with both 17-tooth pulley wheels and the carbon fibre/PA cage is tested to be the world’s fastest pulley wheel system with 60 % less friction than standard pulleys on the market. The OSPW System enhances your performance with free speed and gives you a more efficient drivetrain.


The parts for the OSPW System are developed and produced in Denmark. Completely assembled by hand, this plug-and-play product gives you the true advantage to comfortably ride any distance.


For optimal performance, the product has been developed with very important information from real life tests. Professional triathletes like Tim Don and Tyler Butterfield have been riding with it throughout the process and the product is now a permanent component on their bike.


Please note that the OSPW system does not fit a Canyon Speedmax CF, due to the design of the gear drop and rear triangle.


IMPORTANT: When travelling, please remember to dismount your entire rear derailleur with an Allen key, as the OSPW System will not fit in most bike travel bags.



It’s important that you properly lubricate your bearings in order to ensure optimal performance and maximum longevity. Add oil to the outside of the bearing seal, so that oil can penetrate the bearing. Do this when you lubricate your chain, or if you have washed your bike or have been riding in wet or muddy conditions.

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