Mavic Cosmic PRO Carbon Black Hjulsett

P8279130 (PR M-25)

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The best value carbon Wheel-Tyre System reinvented to be lighter, more dynamic and with improved aerodynamics


The best balance of low frontal drag and crosswind stability
• 45mm deep NACA profile brings low drag in any conditions
• 25mm external rim width perfectly integrates the 25mm tyre giving you low drag and easy crosswind steering


Perfect efficiency and low weight
• 17mm internal rim width offers low rolling resistance with 25mm tyres, giving you low friction and fast engagement
• The Instant Drive 360 freewheel gives you a fast and smooth ride
• Whole wheelset weighs just 1650g, keeping your climbs fast


Lateral stiffness and reliability
• 12K carbon flanges with high lateral stiffness, giving you low friction and fast engagement
• Instant Drive 360 freewheel with smooth and durable QRM bearings offers lightness and long-term strength


PAIR 1650 g
FRONT 735 g
REAR 915 g
TYRE 700x25 210 g


• Material: Maxtal and 12K carbon fiber
• Height: 45 mm
• Joint: SUP
• Drilling: traditional
• Brake track: UB Control
• Weight reduction: ISM
• Valve hole diameter: 6.5 mm
• Tyre: clincher
• Internal width: 17 mm
• ETRTO size: 622x17C


• Material: steel
• Shape: straight pull, bladed, double butted
• Nipples: aluminum, ABS
• Count: front 16, rear 20
• Lacing: front radial, rear Isopulse


• Front and rear bodies: aluminum
• Axle material: aluminum
• Sealed cartridge bearings
• Freewheel: Instant Drive 360


• Yksion Pro GripLink (front) & PowerLink (rear)
• Front and Rear Tread: Single Compound
• Casing: 127 TPI
• Breaker: Front Kevlar, Rear polyamide
• Dimension: 25-622 (700x25c)


• Color: Black only


• Freewheel: Shimano/Sram, convertible to

Campagnolo and XD-R with optional driver bodies
• Front axle: Quick Release only
• Rear axle: Quick Release only


• BR301 quick releases
• Exalith brake pads
• Rim tape
• Multifonction adjustment wrench
• User guide


• ASTM CATEGORY 1 : road only
• For a longer longevity of the wheel, Mavic recommends that the total weight supported by the wheels don't exceed 120kg, bike included
• Recommended tyre sizes: 25 to 32 mm
• Max. Pressure: 25mm 7.7 bars - 110 PSI

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